Since 1980 it has all along been perfecting the design and technique of filtration in over 300 turnkey projects supplied by it in the field of oils & fats. Mectech has been making waves in the vegetable oils & fats industry since 1980. It is synonymous with growth and is often described as the ultimate in extraction... read more
  • Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter for Edible Oil, Chemical, Pharmaceutical

    Vertical Pressure
    Leaf Filter

  • Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter for Bio Fuel, Beverage, Food

    Horizontal Pressure
    Leaf Filter

  • Candle Filter for filteration of oils, chemicals, foods, pharmaceuticalss

    Candle Filter

  • Safety Filters for Fine and Shining Filtration used in filteration of edible Oil and pharmaceuticals

    Safety Filters for
    Fine Shining Filtration

  • Automatic Brush Filter Strainer for solvent extraction, in the edible oil and vegetable oils fields

    Pulse Jet Candle
    Filter for Polising

  • Self Cleaning Disk Filters: Filter Liquids & Solid Liquid Filtration

    Self Cleaning
    Disk Filters

  • Automatic Brush Filters Strainer

    Automatic Brush
    Filters Strainer